WADERS OF THE WORLD- Click on the photo to see more images

After seabirds our favourite birds are waders, and in our travels we have seen and photographed most of the world's species. Usually easy to view and photograph, with one or two notable exceptions, we can still go on a trip sometimes and the odd new species, although options are getting fewer. We're still adding photos, especially if I get a better shot of something, so do re-visit occasionally if you like waders. Having started travelling again post-covid I have finally seen my 200th wader, Caspian Plover, and now have photos of Mountain Plover and Wilson's Snipe. Better photos of several other species have been uploaded.
I use IOC taxonomy, but have kept to the order we all know and love, primarily because jacanas are more interesting than thicknees. There have been recent changes to the names of genera, notably Charadrius have become Anarhynchus, but I won't rush to make such changes. Also included are one or two potential splits, or forms which are distinctive.
Last updated March 2024.