DUCKS, GEESE & SWANS OF THE WORLD- Click on the photo to see more images

I am trying to photograph every species of wildfowl in the world, as in our travels to see seabirds and waders I found we were coming across many species. I realise this may be an impossible task, but am including shots of birds in captivity. It has been made even more unattainable by the numbers of splits over the last ten years, "new" species often being very range-restricted, such as Campbell Teal. The gaps are obvious, I know that most of these are not kept in captivity, especially in the UK. I would be most grateful for any information regarding the (captive) whereabouts of any of the missing species. My "most-wanted" is Brazilian Merganser- I saw these in Brazil, but was just lining up my camera when they were flushed by a tour participant walking down the road to look at a plant!!! However, a few are still relatively easy, such as Steller's Eider (which I have seen) and Masked Duck (which I recently missed by a couple of days in Costa Rica.) I have updated constantly, but please bear in mind that some photos were taken many years ago on slide film.
I am in the process of painting the missing ducks rather than having just a black space, hope you like them.
Last updated February 2024.