I am trying to set up a Facebook group for birders and other wildlife enthusiasts to advertise items free of charge. At present I have many secondhand books for sale, plus the Canon camera. Whilst pagers often carry adverts for telescopes etc. selling on eBay doesn't attract the buyers for more specialist items. I intend to direct people here from the Facebook group, hopefully others will direct people to their own sites in a similar manner but Facebook will make interested people aware of what's for sale. I know Facebook already has a marketplace, but I looked for a specific camera much loved by birders and didn't find one despite sifting through several hundred adverts.
If you don't have a website you can post details directly with an e-mail address.



Generally thought of as the best mid-range camera for bird photography, plenty of pixels, excellent shutter speeds and focusing, and uses both CF and SD cards either simultaneously or concurrently. A 50mm lens is available if required.

I need to sell an EOS 7D Mark II. The Mark II is obviously a much better camera than the original 7D, I found the main difference to be when taking flight shots, the newer model having better and faster focusing. I have used both 7D and 7D Mk II and having gone mirrorless am keeping the 7D for photographing moths.
Body is in good condition, obviously used but with few marks and working perfectly. I have always used a protective screen covering viewfinder and viewing screen, thus both are unmarked. The screen is included. All accesories and box are included, all necessary items, battery, charger etc. are there. The Mk II had no instruction book but it can easily be downloaded from Canon, plus the DPP processing software. I have both on file and can e-mail them if you want to have a look before buying. N.B. The box is for a kit with a lens, it was common practice for dealers to stock up with these and sell the lenses separately, as it gave a cost saving to both themselves and the buyer (me). Please e-mail me alan@aabirdpix.com if interested.

Compact Flash cards in case £40 or £25

My new camera takes only SD cards, and as I don't need more than an 8GB now these are for sale. Individually they haven't had a great deal of use, since I only acquired the 64GB fairly recently, and I used to use all the cards on each trip and only wipe them when I got home, as this gives me a backup. Most are 120MB/sec which is certainly fast enough for most uses. They are for sale as two lots, one of four Lexar 16GB, the other two Lexar 16GB, and a Sandisk 64GB and 8GB. Current prices are about £45 for a good quality 64GB card, so these are priced pro-rata at just over half-price. I have never had a problem with either of these makes, but card failures do occur, which is a good reason for using smaller capacities.

The card cases will also take SD cards, as shown, so you can have any combination up to four. The cases are plastic/rubber. POSTAGE FREE.


I have a number of books which I have bought over the last thirty years, some of which may be of interest to collectors, or in some cases as field guides/information, although naturally a book nowadays is out of date as soon as it is published. As I am not familiar with the market prices are a bit guesswork so I am open to offers on anything. Titles will be added to as I am downsizing and will have a huge number of books available eventually. Some of these will be very cheap or postage only, I just hate throwing books away. A number of magazines will appear later (Birdwatch, BB, possibly Birding World.)

Should you be interested click HERE or on the photos above to be directed to my books page.