Alan & Ann Tate have been involved with birding since the late 1980's, Alan for somewhat longer. Alan does the actual pressing of the shutter, whilst Ann, a competent birder in her own right, assists in many ways, from following subjects to help keep the camera lined up on them, to dealing with queries. If you phone Ann she will know what you're talking about, often having assisted with the taking of a shot. In the case of a major twitch it will usually be Ann who has done most of the driving (and made the sandwiches!). She usually relocates the bird before I do as well! My bit is far easier.
As you will see from the site, we have travelled quite a lot, usually with quality rather than quantity in mind, and this being the case can supply many photos of lesser known and restricted-range species. Most of our birding is now done abroad, in common with many aged twitchers. I still consider myself a birder with a camera rather than a photographer, but sometimes the results are quite acceptable.
Our photos are often published in Birding magazines, especially Birdwatch & Birding World (no longer published, although as our lists get bigger the amount of twitching gets less. We have had photos published in about many books ranging from I-Spy Birds of Prey(!) to Seabirds-a Photographic Guide (Enticott & Tipling).
When not birding, Alan was a Pharmacist, working in Lincolnshire, near the Norfolk border. (surprise, surprise!) For obvious reasons he has a particular interest in travel medication and tropical diseases, often advising fellow birders on medication etc., for the more obscure areas, where the average tourist doesn't venture. He has a particularly extensive personal knowledge of seasickness but hasn't yet been able to find an infallible remedy.
I have retired recently from work, but we still travel although Ann's activities have been curtailed by arthritis, and I now often travel with Mike Sidwell, a good friend from Norfolk.